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Stokesley Military Hospital - Staff Photograph

The original of this photograph hangs in the vestibule of Stokesley Town Hall and a copy with an index of names may be inspected in the Town Library, in the Local History Study Group file: Stokesley at War


The bulk of the staff of the Manor House Hospital consisted of the local Voluntary Aid Detachment or VAD. (See Stokesley Manor House Hospital for details).

The unit, known as Yorks/42, comprised a real mixture of local people, ranging in station from the Manor House maids and cook to the wives and daughters of some of the most eminent men in the Stokesley area.

The hospital was supported generously by the locality, with gifts of money and provisions coming from the local gentry, tradesmen, voluntary groups and even schoolchildren.

Mrs Anne Gjers the hospital commandant, sits seventh from the left in the second row. (See her son Gjers L.) Her daughter Olga Gjers is seated fourth from the left in the front row

Dr Yeoman, the long-serving town medical officer of Stokesley, sits beside Mrs Gjers.

Sister Rachel Granger, (or, more correctly, Sister Rachel Crosby Grainger), the only SRN at the hospital, sits to the other side of her commandant. She can be distinguished by the lack of the red cross on her uniform.

Nina Forbes appears seated fifth from the left in the second row. (See her brothers Forbes A. and Forbes W.G.)

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