Surnames A - C

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William Alderson

H W Appleby

Arthur Lowther Armstrong

William Applegarth

Charles Armstrong (South Side)

Charles Armstrong (Tanton Grove)

John Joseph Armstrong

Matthew Henry (Harry) Armstrong

Robert Henry Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong

W Bakes

Harry Scarth Baines

Reginald Baines

H Bainbridge

W Bainbridge

Joseph Balmer

A Barker

Noel Cecil Barnes

W Barr

William Bennison

Sidney Blewett

W Booth

George Brotton

James Brotton

Charles Edward Brown

Frederick Carter

A Chapman

Robert Garbutt Chapman

James Richard Clark

John Clark

Tom Clark

John Pierson (or Pearson) Clarkson

Thomas Edward Clarkson

John Archer Clemmet

R H Clifford

George Metcalfe Cockfield

Samuel Coppin

William Coppin

Frank Corps

W Cousan

Ben Cousans

G Cousans

Joseph Crighton

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