Surnames A - C

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William Alderson

H W Appleby

Arthur Lowther Armstrong

William Applegarth

Charles Armstrong (South Side)

Charles Armstrong (Tanton Grove)

John Joseph Armstrong

Matthew Henry (Harry) Armstrong

Robert Henry Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong

William Nellist Armstrong

George Ayres

Frederick William Baines

W Bakes

Harry Scarth Baines

Reginald Baines

H Bainbridge

W Bainbridge

Joseph Balmer

Alfred William Barker

Allan Barker

Alwyn Barker

George Henry Barker

Lancelot Thomas Barker

Noel Cecil Barnes

W Barr

Joseph William Brough Bennison

William Bennison

Sidney Blewett

W Booth

William Bower jnr

Tom Branston

Percy Broatch

George Brotton

James Brotton

John Brotton

Robert Brotton

Charles Edward Brown

Charles Bulmer

Frederick Carter

A Chapman

James Chapman

Robert Garbutt Chapman

Ernest Pattison Clarke(e)

James Richard Clark

John Clark

Tom Clark

John Pierson (or Pearson) Clarkson

Thomas Edward Clarkson

John Archer Clemmet

Robert Henry Clifford

George Metcalfe Cockfield

Samuel Coppin

Robert Norman Cooke

William Coppin

Frank Corps

George Coulson

W Cousan

Ben Cousans

G Cousans

Joseph Crighton

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