Stokesley Heritage Leaflets

The 3 chosen leaflet topics were:

1. The Manor of Stokesley - the impact of the manor on the development of the town and the lives of its people

2. Stokesley's Flax Mill - the story of an ill-fated attempt to establish industry in the town

3. Grand Houses of Stokesley - telling of some of the town's finest buildings and the people who lived in them

Click on any of the 3 titles to see the front page of the leaflet


The collection of resources produced by the Stokesley Local History Study Group (available to the public in files stored in the town library) was a valuable resource for the researchers, and many thanks are owed to Mary Hunt, whose fine artwork adds immeasurably to the finished product. The final stages of production were overseen by Frank Robinson, whose stalwart work with the printers over many weeks well deserves mention.


You can now purchase sets of these 3 leaflets presented in a poly wallet at the price of only £2 per set at Brown's Newsagency in East End, Stokesley High Street


alternatively by ringing 01642 710700 and speaking to Derek Whiting who will deliver them within the Stokesley area.

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