Stokesley Flood Of 1930

All photos on this page are shown by permission of Dennis and Jean Durnell of Wakefield, with whom copyright remains


LEFT: This photo of West Green seems to date from around the turn of the 20th Century. The trees on the Green were planted in 1875 to commemorate the marriage of Emily Marwood and Edward Wynne-Finch, and are still quite small. The length of the ladies' clothing is another clue as to date, being typical of Victorian and Edwardian fashion.
The Masonic Hall, (opened in 1898), is visible in the background, and the West End Stores of Isaac George Richardson are also visible. The buildings on the south side generally look remarkably familiar, being almost unchanged to this day. The really obvious addition to the scene today is of course the War Memorial (unveiled 1921).

BELOW: The photographs below were all taken on July 23rd, 1930. Those of us who thought that it was a modern madness to go and stand in flood water can see that our forebears were just as insane!!


All the photos appear to have been taken from the north side of the High Street where it merges into West Green. The photograph at TOP RIGHT shows the view looking east towards the plain, while the others show the view looking west.


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