Stokesley Cemetery

There are five graves in Stokesley Cemetery where men who fell in the Great War lie buried.  The photographs on this page depict 4 of them. 

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Three of the headstones (top row) are those of men of the Yorkshire Regiment:

Top left is shown the headstone of Harry Carter; this is not a standard War Graves Commission headstone as the Regimental symbol is not centrally placed on the cross.  Suggestions as to the different design include the possibility that it was privately commissioned.  Perhaps this was due to the fact that Harry was not in service when he died (see account under his name).
If anyone can explain this anomaly in another way, we would be very pleased to hear from them at moc.loa|gatirehyelsekots#moc.loa|gatirehyelsekots)

Centre the headstone of Thomas Henry Hartas:  

Top right is the headstone of Joseph Roantree Johnson

Bottom left is the headstone of Allan Richmond the only Airman amongst the Stokesley Fallen.

The other World War 1 fallen soldier buried in Stokesley Cemetery is Henry Ernest Allison. We are informed that his family did not wish him to have a Commonwealth War Grave headstone and that his final resting place is marked by a family monument. Unfortunately these researchers have been unable to locate it.

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