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The Preston Educational Trust

Information received from Maureen Stones (on behalf of the Trustees) via email:

The money for student grants up until 2006 was generated from the rent of the Old Preston Grammar School building on College Square. During that year an approach was made to the Trust enquiring whether the property was for sale, therefore a meeting was held to discuss future plans for the property and how best to secure the future of the charity as it could never be taken for granted that the property would be leased out. There was also the cost of maintaining the property to take into consideration. It was decided to place the building on the market and it was subsequently sold and the money is now securely invested to provide protection for the capital sum and the interest to provide funding for the distribution of grants each year.

Advertisement placed on the Stokesley Loop April 2013
"The Preston Grammar School in Stokesley was provided by Will of John Preston for the education of poor boys of the town. The School was administered by a body of eight Trustees – namely The Preston Educational Foundation – until recently when the decision was made to sell the property and invest the proceeds, thus securing future revenue for distribution. The Trustees comprise The Chairman of Stokesley Parish Council, The Rector of Stokesley, Two representatives of North Yorkshire County Council and one other representative of the Parish Council plus three co-opted Trustees. It operated as a school from around 1834 until shortly after the 1914-18 war when it failed to meet the requirements of the 1918 Education Act. The building was subsequently used as a cookery and woodwork centre for pupils of the 1910 Council School (now the Primary School). After closure of the school the building was used to house the town’s library until this was moved into the Manor House. Since then the building has been leased and the income from the property has been administered by the Foundation. The Trustees meet at least twice a year to consider applications for financial support. To comply with the scheme applicants must be under the age of 25 and can apply for help with costs of going on to University or other Higher Education. In recent years the Foundation has given financial support to the local schools and cubs/scouts as well as sponsoring young people to take part in Volunteer Expeditions.

A Registered Charity No. 529535

Students who are intending going on to Training, Apprenticeships or Higher Education (or are continuing in Higher Education) are reminded that they are eligible apply for a Grant towards the costs involved. They must be resident in the Parish of Stokesley and be under the age of 25. Application forms will be available from the 1st August 2013.

Please note that you do not need to have secured a definite placement before applying. Applications may be submitted and final details regarding placements, acceptance on courses etc. handed in at a later date. The Trustees will concentrate resources on students in greatest need, however this should not deter students from applying as all applications are considered.
Further information can be obtained from the Secretary,
Mrs M Stones – moc.liamg||
Please note also that grant applications for special educational projects can be considered at any time of the year.

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