Middlesbrough War Memorial

Photographs by Keith Burton

This impressive memorial stands at the corner of Linthorpe Road and Park Road North, and incorporates the entrance into Albert Park. The massive central monument is flanked by 24 bronze plaques listing the names of Fallen soldiers. The central plaques list the men in alphabetical order of surnames, regardless of rank. The outer plaques list men added to the Roll after the original design was complete.

On the left, the memorial is pictured from the west, showing the park entrance and the plaques which flank it to either side.

Bottom right, the monument is shown from the south west.

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Left to right the 3 plaques pictured in the top row record the names of these Stokesley men:

Algar Carter (misspelt as Alger) and John Caton

Lawrence Gjers

Andrew Henderson

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Caton J.T. or Carter A.

Gjers L.

Henderson A.G.


The 2 plaques in the bottom row commemorate:

Arthur E Johnson and Henry Johnson

Henry (Farrow) Mudd

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Johnson A.E. or Johnson H.

Mudd H.F.

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