May 2014


This Forum was at the Northallerton Record Office.

1. HLF supported Heritage Project Programme

We aim to complete the HLF supported Project in October with the printing of a leaflet for a walk relating to six interpretive panels. The installation of the panels is not part of the HLF project, so it is not subject to a time limit. We also aim to publish a book covering the research we have done, again not part of the HLF project.

To progress the leaflet, contributions of between 200 and 400 words, relating items to particular panel locations should be sent to Frank, also relevant pictures (which could be used in the leaflet or on the panels).

Kev reviewed the programme of work with the Schools. In April there were guided walks for two groups of thirty Year 5 pupils on the theme of the Great War. Further walks are planned: suggested themes were Transport, Bridges and the Flax Mill and the Parish Church. He has also worked with the pupils to produce panels for the Great War Exhibition.

At Stokesley Secondary School Kev is working with Year 9 pupils on digital maps showing the where the local Fallen were born and where they fell. He is also joining a School archaeological trip arranged with Teesside Archaeology to Fairy Dell, Teesside. Following this, if there is the interest, he will start an Archaeology Club.

2. Researching Records

The rest of the time was spent using the facilities of the Record Office. From the Forum at the Record Office in July last year, Hugh Charman had a list of references to documents relating to the Mease and Blackett families (both involved with the Flax Mill). He found most of these on microfiche films and photographed them on the Reader Screen. Chris Taylor searched for information on local bridges and found architect plans for the Leven road bridge that preceded the present one. John Edwards identified aerial photos that could be useful for studying local archaeology. David Maudsley searched Parish Council records relating to the gift of Manorial land to Stokesley. Unfortunately some of the records were unintelligible due to flood damage.

This will probably be the last Forum, as the main activity in the final months of the project will be the preparation and production of the leaflet, together with continued work on other topics to go into a book. We would like to thank all those who participated and the contributions made, and hope that it has led to an on-going interest in our heritage.

Hugh Charman

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