July 1st 2013

The June/July workshop took place at the County Records Office at Northallerton

This went well with the Record Office preparing in advance so we were able to examine some of the items in the Park Room, which we had booked. Individual reports follow:

John Edwards: Overview of documents inspected during visit to the Records Office ;

1. Plan of Township of Stokesley surveyed June 1838 showing field patterns (town not detailed). Parchment 28" x 46".

2. Aerial photographs of Stokesley showing, inter alia, interesting ground features in vicinity of present secondary school & sports centre. Early settlement ?

3. Microfilm records of plans for proposed railways to Stokesley (which, in the event, did not proceed):

-1833 "Stockton and Darlington Railway" from Stockton to a Stokesley terminus station at end of Neasham Lane.
-1835 "Stokesley to Clarence Railway" with terminus at southern end of present Allen Grove.
- 1853 "Stockton and Cleveland Union Railway" from Stockton and passing through Stokesley (at area of present playing field/Allen Grove) linking to ironstone district.

All proposed schemes well detailed with precise track alignments, drawings of major structures and lists of landowners and occupiers affected. Robert Ward & Anthony Maynard feature as significant landowners around Stokesley.

Keith and Val Burton:

Various Quarter Sessions Records, Parish council records 1916 to 1921, Rural District Council Records 1917-21, the 1838 map of Stokesley Township, the 1852 Architect's papers concerning the Town Hall, Preston Educational Foundation papers, Miss Hall's papers, and information labelled as 'Packhorse Bridge notes' which contained information clearly related to at least one other bridge existing in about 1700.

Judith Ratcliffe:

checked pannier way documents, and had a useful discussion with John Edwards on the way from the south, and its route from Stokesley to Stockton.

Hugh Charman:
I was interested in deeds relating to Thomas Mease stay in Red house. This involved first finding the reference numbers from a catalogue that covered a wide area. Initially I noted all the references to Stokesley in between 1820 – 1838, but realising that time was running out, ended by looking just for Mease references, most of which were near to the end of the catalogue.

Having paid for a photography licence, the Group was able to take away a great deal of material for future use. The results of their labours should become apparent over the next weeks and months via the website.


Kev Cale has had two sessions with Year 5 pupils, with very favourable feedback from the School. There was also a guided walk, with two 1 hour session, with the 60 pupils split into two groups. I found the walks quite inspiring and view it as a landmark in the Society's history. Kev and Keith were excellent, and the children interested and responsive, eg a question “How many bricks?” (Answer, a lot which is why they made them on site with clay from the site).

The Heritage Group has given the schoool 15 heritage leaflet packs, which it plans to laminate and use in the Autumn.

Kev will be taking a group of 30 to the Record Office on the 17th July, with the other 30 in the Autumn. I would like to thank those who helped us set up this programme.


Transport: Alan Crosskill is helping Chris Taylor and has made a good start on Railways, assembling data and gathering memories from those that used to use the local trains. Last year there was limited scope for exploring oral history, but it should be more relevant this year with topics such as transport and World Wars.

Pre-historic remains: Keith Burton and John Edwards have photographed some fine stone pre-historic remain found near Seamer. Keith aims to put some of these on the Stokesley Heritage web site in the next few days.

The Stokesley Society Committee meets on Monday 23 July and will discuss the forward programme, with the next Forum likely to be in Sept. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Meanwhile we hope studies will continue with informal meetings when appropriate.

HLF Report: I am working on a report to the HLF on our activities so far, needed to secure their payment of the second half of our Grant.

Hugh Charman

Members of the Group at Work on July 1st

Thanks to Derek Whiting for the photos of some of the members at work in the Park Room, where microfilmed records could be examined.  (Restrictions prevented the taking display of photos of the search room where members of the public as well as Group members were studying original documents).

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