January 2013

WORKSHOP, MONDAY 21 January 2013

Attendance: This was down to 6 with 7 apologies (in line with the average 11-13 total including apologies). Kev did not come due to an Amber Snow alert.

Presentation of Study Results: publish in leaflets or booklets with background material on the Wiki internet site. An important aspect is to promote tourism.

Post Office in Stokesley: Hugh reported that Derek Whiting has completed a study on the Post Office in Stokesley - Hugh will ask him to report on this at the next Workshop and consider how it might be presented.

World Wars: Keith Burton has done work on this subject and put material on the Wiki site. David mentioned that Keith would like to involve local people who could contribute items and memories. It was suggested that his material could be exhibited in the Town Hall and people asked to contribute. Local history files in the Library could be a useful source – perhaps a member of the Group might be willing to help. [Keith has already acknowledged this source in the introduction to his work - see 'The Fallen' on the history menu of this website]

The Manor & Development of the Town: This is progressing but it is too early to say whether a leaflet or booklet would be the best way to present results, and for more participants to be involved. David and Keith are going to a course in Northallerton on mediaeval local history

Travel through the Ages: A booklet is preferred for presenting results. Stokesley Directory has information on carriers and their destinations. Help from extra participants would be welcome, eg to study railways.

Buildings: Hugh suggested a guided walk identifying fine buildings associated with interesting people, to help participants choose building of interest. This will be arranged before the next workshop, asking the Local History group to help. It will first be offered to the contact list of participants then, depending on the response, perhaps more widely.

School Involvement: We now have the opportunity to work with Stokesley School as well as the Primary School. Kev will review this at the Feb Workshop. In May 2012 the Stokesley Society Newsletter asked to hear from former Primary School pupils who were willing to share memories, but that there was no response. We could make a specific appeal in the press. It would be good if a former pupil led on this topic.

'Forum' rather than 'Workshop'?: Some thought a change in title would not make any difference to attracting participants. Forum better reflects the learning, exchange of ideas and reporting plus discussion of work done and that goes on. Hugh will adopt this title starting with the Feb meeting

Record Office: Kev suggested hiring the Pool room as a location for a Workshop early in 2013.
David would value this, also Chris in a few months time. It will be relevant to buildings, but again in a few months when buildings have been selected.

Next Forum: 18 Feb.

Hugh Charman

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