Foundation Boys

We have now researched the lives of all the free scholars of the school and will soon begin putting their stories on line. Below is a list of boys arranged in the ORDER OF ADMITTANCE, not alphabetically.

We would be pleased to receive any information readers may have about any pupil of the Grammar School, and while we are in the process of posting their stories, we would be willing to pass to relatives of these boys by email any information we have so far gleaned.

The address for sending or requesting information is: moc.loa|gatirehyelsekots#moc.loa|gatirehyelsekots

Please allow us a few days to reply !

List of Foundation Boys (Free Scholars) at the Preston Grammar School, Stokesley

N.B. Spelling as written at the time of admission

1833 – 1839

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1840 – 1849

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