Delville Wood

DELVILLE WOOD CEMETERY, made after the Armistice, when graves were brought in from a few small cemeteries and isolated sites, and from the battlefields. Almost all of the burials date from July, August and September 1916.


Photograph by permission of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Delville Wood Cemetery contains relocated British graves from the following:-

ANGLE WOOD CEMETERY, GINCHY, which was in an "excavated shell-hole" in Angle Wood, to the North-West of Maurepas; and in them were buried 27 British soldiers (mainly of the London Regiment);
BATTERY COPSE CEMETERY, CURLU, which was between Curlu and Maurepas. It contained, in addition to French graves, those of 17 British soldiers;
BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT GERMAN CEMETERY which was at the South-East end of the village which contained five British soldiers (who fell in March and April, 1918);
COURCELETTE COMMUNAL CEMETERY GERMAN EXTENSION which contained the graves of three British soldiers;
FERME-ROUGE FRENCH MILITARY CEMETERY, CURLU, which was close to Battery Copse Cemetery and contained one British soldier who fell in March, 1917;
GUILLEMONT GERMAN CEMETERY No.1, at the West end of the village,which contained the graves of seven British soldiers who fell in May and July, 1918;
LONE RIDGE CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL, between Delville Wood and the centre of the village, which contained the graves of 52 soldiers who fell at the end of August, 1918; MARICOURT (DE LA COTE) GERMAN CEMETERY, on the South West side of the village, which contained the graves of five British soldiers and airmen;
MARTINPUICH GERMAN CEMETERY No.1, at the North-East end of the village, which contained the graves of six British soldiers and one sailor who fell in March 1918; MARTINPUICH GERMAN CEMETERY No.2, to the West of No.1, which contained the grave of one British soldier.

There are now 5,523 burials and commemorations of the First World War in this cemetery. 3,593 of the burials are unidentified but there are special memorials to 27 casualties known or believed to be buried among them. Other special memorials record the names of three soldiers buried in Courcelette Communal Cemetery German Extension, whose graves were destroyed by shell fire.

The cemetery was designed by Sir Herbert Baker

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