Boezinge Cemetery

There are a number of burial grounds around Boezinge, which was the scene of fierce fighting for much of the war. The village lies to the north of Ypres, near the Yser Canal in West Vlaanderen, Belgium. The picture below taken by permission from the Commonwealth War Graves Commlssion website shows the actual cemetery in which Driver Appleton is buried.


This cemetery was begun in July 1917 at a spot called Caesar’s Nose and it was used until November 1917. It is known as the Welsh Cemetery because it was begun by the 38th (Welsh) Division. It contains 59 World War 1 burials.

The picture below of Driver Appleton's Grave at Boezinge is taken by permission from R/DV/RS' photostream on Flickr

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The inscription at the base of the stone reads:

In life we loved you dearly

In Death we do the same

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