The Stokesley Heritage Project

The Stokesley Heritage Project is an ongoing 3 year project which began in 2011 with a successful bid by the Stokesley Society to the National Lottery for funds to research and publicise the history and Heritage of Stokesley. One of the aims of the project is to encourage wide participation in the research and appreciation of the town and it was therefore decided that the group would advertise its aims and invite participation in the production of 3 leaflets dealing with different aspects of the town's past. The launch of these leaflets, it was hoped, would stimulate wider interest and bring new vigour to the second stage of the project.

In the second stage of the project, Stokesley Schools will be engaged in their own researches, which we hope will provide extra pages for this website.

The leaflets were officially launched on Monday evening 19th November at Stokesley Methodist Church, where TV personality John Grundy entertained a packed house in his inimitable style, giving his own take on Stokesley and its attractions. Perhaps we erred in not devoting one leaflet to the fish and chip shop…

The 3 chosen leaflet topics were;

1. The Manor of Stokesley - the impact of the manor on the development of the town and the lives of its people

2. Stokesley's Flax Mill - the story of an ill-fated attempt to establish industry in the town

3. Grand Houses of Stokesley - telling of some of the town's finest buildings and the people who lived in them

The collection of resources produced by the Stokesley Local History Society (available to the public in files stored in the town library) was a valuable resource for the researchers, and many thanks are owed to Mary Hunt, whose fine artwork adds immeasurably to the finished product. The final stages of production were overseen by Frank Robinson, whose stalwart work with the printers over many weeks well deserves mention.

Click on any of the 3 titles to see the front page of the leaflet

The History button on the contents bar at the top of the page provides a menu giving access to more detailed information about several aspects of Stokesley's Heritage. The Sources button gives access to transcriptions of important documents from Stokesley's history.

More information on the Stokesley Society and the leaflet topics can be found at

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