Azmac Cemetery Views

The Stokesley Heritage Group thanks Hedley Malloch who has kindly sent these photos relating to the last resting place of J.M.Alderson and given his permission to use them on our website.

The quotes beside the photographs are Hedley Malloch's own comments.


Left: Pte Alderson's headstone
The style is specially adapted to stand firmly on dry sandy soil, where a conventional headstone might collapse. The inscription is difficult to capture due to glaring sun, but it reads:
182181 Private
J M Alderson
Yorkshire Regiment
20 October 1915 Age 19

(Inscription clearer in enlarged image).

Right: General Vew of the Cemetery
Hedley tells us: "The cemetery is quite difficult to access and miles from anywhere, but every two years or so I go back to Gallipol for a month in the summer"


Left: "A view from Azmak Dere CWGC looking back to the Salt Lake and Hill 10, clearly seen on the horizon. It was at Hill 10 that the 6th Yorkshire first landed".

Right: "Azmak Dere CWGC with Kirictepe Ridge in the background, the scene of bitter fighting in August 1915".
The Turks were dug in along the ridge, and despite repeated assaults and heavy casualties, the allied troops could not dislodge them.

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