This website is the result of a decision of members of the Stokesley Heritage Group to investigate the possibility of putting the fruits of their researches on line in order to make available their individual work to the rest of the group and to the community at large.

The venture began in November 2012, and these early steps towards its creation owe a great deal to Mike Newton of the Great Ayton Community website, without whose advice and help we would not have known how or where to start, and also to Chris Burton whose patient advice and support for a total novice have carried me through many seemingly impossible problems.

As we build and learn, we hope we will provide both a place for investigators to seek information, and perhaps even more importantly, a showcase for researchers to present their findings to a wider public. We hope that our work will interest people who know Stokesley, and will encourage them to offer their own information so that we can record for everyone as much as possible of Stokesley's rich heritage

Suggestions for improvements and items for submission are welcome and may be submitted via our e-mail address: moc.loa|gatirehyelsekots#moc.loa|gatirehyelsekots

Keith Burton
(Novice site developer)

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License