1900 1909

List of Foundation Boys at The Preston Grammar School, Stokesley

N.B. Spelling as written at the time of admission; list in order of appointment to the school

1900 – 1909

Arthur Grange
Charles Shore
Leo Addison
Herbert Snowdon
Robert Gibson
Stephen Armstrong
Frank Applegarth
Edward Wrightson
32 Boys

Harry Smith
F Johnson
David Johnson
A Fishwick
A Coulson
D Broadbent
T Farnaby
W Durham

John Skeen
Arthur Nettleton
John Walker
William Glasper
Charles Bulmer
Thomas Clark
Edward Kitching
Henry Mudd

Fred Side
Thomas Durham
John Mudd
Ernest Shore
John Nettleton
Fred Glapser
John Baines
Thomas Battersby

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