1890 1899

List of Foundation Boys at The Preston Grammar School, Stokesley

N.B. Spelling as written at the time of admission; list in order of appointment to the school

1890 – 1899

Albert Rowland
John Wrightson
Frederick Sunley Sherwood
Alfred Boult
Albert Tanfield
Arthur Smith
John Hutchinson
Albert Nettleton
William Cove
James Turner
38 Boys

George Clark
Thomas Harper
Fred Goldsborough
Miles W Scott
Robert Laverick
Thomas Branston
James Laverick
Robert Henry Gillender
John Clemmet
Matthew Henry Armstrong

John Thomas Caton
Ernest Sturdy
Joseph Pattison
? Sturdy
Victor Skipworth
Harold Baines
John Robert Stockdale
Thomas Fishwick
John Clarkson
Joseph Rafferty

William Glasper
John Clark
Harry Wrightson
James Pattison
Harry Turner
William Dawson
Fred Pattison
John Grainge

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