1880 1889

List of Foundation Boys at The Preston Grammar School, Stokesley

N.B. Spelling as written at the time of admission; list in order of appointment to the school

1880 – 1889

Alfred Whitelock
Arthur Scott (later expelled)
Joseph Smith
Arthur Johnson
John Stone(s)
William Bennison
John Atkinson
Simon Metcalfe
Horatio Nelson Tweddle (Tweddell)
John Henry Smith
43 Boys

Thomas Duncan
John William Raynor (Rayner)
Charles Coulson
Frederick William Tanfield
Harry Wilson
William James Richmond
Arthur William Normington
William Cooke
Arthur Victor Short
William Brown

Charles Atkinson
Henry Farnaby
David Johnson
Arthur Smith
Charles Lowther
Thomas Bennison
George Dowson
George Laverick
Ernest Glasper
Thomas Wright

Charles E Clarkson
John B Duffield
Edward Albert Hockney
William Sander
Harry Barr
John Miller
William Metcalfe
John Sawkill
Robert Raynor

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