1860 1869

List of Foundation Boys at The Preston Grammar School, Stokesley

N.B. Spelling as written at the time of admission; list in order of appointment to the school

1860 – 1869

William Barker Mason
Thomas Henry Stephenson
William Sowerby Ranson
John Williamson
Thomas Liddle
William James Taylor
Thomas Wake
Thomas Barker
John Richardson
Charles Philip Stephenson
Charles Kitching
Thomas Best
Joseph Hedley
53 Boys

Robert Tate Williamson
John William Leng
Alfred Williamson
William Simpson
William Gibson
Edmund Heppel Mason
George William Glasper
Henry Stephenson
John William Leng
John Scott
William George Hildreth
John Leng
Henry Thomas Ventriss Wilson

Thomas Thirkell
Joseph Snowdon
John George Huthwaite
Robert Crusher
William Dalton
Thomas Appleton
Thomas Robinson
William Scott
Samuel Dalziel
William Leng Hodgson
William Smith
John William Fawcett
John Stoddard(t)

John James Taylor
Thomas Henry Mason
Henry Metcalfe
Martin Smith
George Williamson
William Jackson
Joseph Crusher
Mathew Myers
John Thomas Ranson
Charles Frederick Nettleton
William Coates
Frederick Leng
John William Barker
Thomas Yorke

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