1850 1859

List of Foundation Boys at The Preston Grammar School, Stokesley

N.B. Spelling as written at the time of admission; list in order of appointment to the school

1850 – 1859

Robert Johnson
Joseph Shepherd
John Wise
William Carling
William Sowler
Thomas Weatherill
Robert Weatherill
George Kitching
George Smith
William Sowler
Thomas Sowler
43 Boys

William Coates
Martin Waller
Richard Grey
Frederick Smith
Robert Coates
George Young
James Thirkell
Thomas Walker
Thomas Wiles
James Hall
Thomas Carter

Thomas Watson
Thomas Coates
William Stephenson
Robert Salvin
Henry Thomas Trousdale
Thomas Benton
Charles Frederick Dobson
George Gibson
William Williamson
William George Taylor
George Atkinson

Frederick Kitching
William Richard Taylor
John Thomas Smith
James Best
Robert Tate Williamson
Thomas Ranson
George E Harrison
John Williamson
Timothy Willoughby
William Henry Sotheron (Southeron)

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